EX4 to mq4 Store decompiler  ver. 3.72


This is the cracked freeware version of the Original decompiler software: www.ex4tomq4.store You can also download from Telegram



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We made this EX4 to MQ4 Store Decompiler ver. 3.72 absolutely FREEWARE Tool because we understand how it's helpful for forex traders when you can easily edit the code in order to remove demo restrictions or delete the expiry date from custom or mql5 market ( mql5.com ) mt4 expert advisor or indicator to make the ex4 file fully workable on any account with unlimited time. Of course for all of these purposes we need an editable mq4 source code which can be easily extracted by using EX4 to MQ4 Store Decompiler 2023 ver. 3.72. 


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